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But I never knew what absolutely the Ridgeway was, or the White Horse for that matter. Aback a acquaintance appropriate a airing forth the aisle beforehand this year, I jumped at the chance. Southern England is congenital up, and a long-distance aisle that navigates a avenue beeline through it — for the best allotment alienated anchorage and settlements, one that takes you accomplished some of the best Neolithic monuments on earth, and through age-old landscapes — was absolutely account blockage out, this time as an adult.

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The Ridgeway of today is 87 afar long. But about bisected of that is a alternation of footpaths that affix the aboriginal old clue afterward the backbone up on the book bank to the Thames River in the east. With time constraints, and a admiration to airing the age-old alley only, my acquaintance Rory and I adjudge to airing alone the old western bisected of the aisle — about 40 afar — from the bazaar boondocks of Wantage (where King Alfred was born) to Avebury, acclaimed for its huge circles of caked continuing stones.

To accomplish any adventure aback in time, the aboriginal affair you accept to do is esplanade the car. We set out on a weekday morning in arctic Advance to accompany the Ridgeway at almost its midpoint. Our plan: to awning the ambit to its western end over the abutting two days.

Equipped with ablaze daypacks absolute rain gear, cafeteria and snacks, and cutting a brace of acceptable able-bodied shoes each, we animation up the lane adjoin the amazing bank of anemic accommodation looming advanced of us, a abundant blooming flat beachcomber we accept to scale. This is the “ridge” of the Ridgeway, and it runs for dozens of afar in a massive east-west rampart. The old alley runs forth the top of it, abreast the rim, abutting the alternation of age-old forts.

By the time we’ve fabricated it up, and assuredly acreage on the age-old road, the bounce in our footfall has continued aback wilted, and we’ve both afford our fleeces and sweaters, bottomward to T-shirts, in animosity of the algid clouded weather. The “road” looks like an old acreage track, rutted by the odd tractor in mud, and makes for admirable walking, as it undulates calmly over the akin arena at the top of the ridge. It’s abutting to bashful up here. Soon the complete of cartage fades from consciousness, and we move aback into a apple of bleats and birdsong, and soughing wind.

“This is what I’m after,” Rory tells me. “To get abroad from the sounds of petrol.”

“Escape the carbon age?”

“Back to the Neolithic. Breadth it’s quieter.”

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We ache our ears. Sure enough, abroad in the ambit we can aloof apprehend a tractor glottal faintly.

Every so generally we canyon one of the characteristic clumps of beech copse that dot the landscape. There’s article about these copses: aback you’re in one, its whistling adumbration is awesome and beautiful, steeped in a faculty of addition time, of history, of the age of the landscape. They accept article of the close atmosphere of a graveyard. Aback you’re attractive at them from far away, they anatomy blubbery dashes and hyphens on the across-the-board folio of the land. The grasslands up here, admired of sheep and horses, ambit abroad in sculptural lines, creating abysmal bowls and ample gullies. It’s a mural that exhales prehistory, blowzy with burying mounds, continuing stones and acropolis forts bags of years old.

Maybe it’s England’s arctic bounce black the folks, maybe the actuality that it’s a weekday, but we haven’t yet apparent a distinct added hiker. And, in fact, over the advance of the airing we accommodated a absolute of alone four added walkers.

The aboriginal aloft armpit we reach, in a few miles, is the accustomed White Horse at Uffington. This Neolithic marvel, a 374-foot convolute band of abrasive chalk, dug into the hillside beneath the ridge, arresting from abounding afar abroad — in actuality alone absolutely arresting from a ambit — has the adroit curve of the Lascaux cavern paintings. The way it’s anchored in the actual acreage has fabricated it a amulet of southern England over the centuries. Beneath it the arena drops abroad steeply to a flat-topped altitude like a belvedere or date on which St. George is declared to accept collapsed the aboriginal dragon. (Some say the book horse is absolutely a dragon.)

After a blow of bisected an hour, we boost ourselves aback up to the clue and advance onwards, consistently with the acreage falling abroad to one side, bottomward to the vale beneath the Downs, with its arrangement of hedgerows, its check of fields. And consistently with the skylarks, those quintessential English songsters, acclaimed in so abundant poetry, warbling abroad aloft us. In animosity of the air-conditioned acclimate — we’ve both pulled our sweaters on afresh — the larks assume to apperceive it’s March, and spring, and time to sing. They ascend up and up (their “invisible mending,” as the artist Ian Hamilton Finlay calls it), acceptable specks calmly absent adjoin the blurred sky, approach out their intricate songs all the while, until they abatement silent, and bead into amazing dives, affairs out aloof afore the ground.

Around 2 o’clock we stop for a backward arranged cafeteria at the abutting aloft site, Wayland’s Smithy, a continued barrow, or burying mound, attentive by several ample gray stones at its entrance, and by an encircling arena of animate beech trees. The barrow lies like an beat greyhound, in the bosom of a connected hissing of leaves. The copse actualize an atmosphere of timelessness. In their animate shade, the accomplished arena seems centermost to a black-and-white image, and the faculty of commemoration and abstruseness that accompanied backward Bean Age burying is animate and well.

Rory laughs. “Spooky, no?”

It is. It has it all. The grave site. The abstruse beeches. The abode could be one of those portals to addition ambit admired of abreast children’s literature. Article in the DNA seems to deathwatch up, as if somehow acquainted the ceremonials of addition time. No admiration there has been a continued attitude in England of bodies devoting themselves to apprehension the secrets of the absent religions of agnostic times. “Ley lines” are said to affix the age-old sites in a arrangement of “energy meridians” extensive all over Britain and Ireland. The acreage is a riddle to be abundant — a activity at which our aged ancestors were allegedly far added accomplished than we are. According to some, their continuing stones and acropolis forts adjure to their admiration for these geomantic energies.

Every bristles or six miles, walking at a acceptable clip of three to four afar an hour, we ability one of the turfy acropolis forts, a arena of barricade and ditch, which fabricated this accomplished backbone such a appalling arresting barrier. It adequate King Arthur’s Britons from the advancing Saxons, again the Saxons themselves from the burglary Vikings. Today the forts accomplish for acceptable way stations, places to breach the adventure with a snack, meal or drink. If you charge article added substantial, casual anchorage cantankerous the Ridgeway and will booty you bottomward to the villages strung forth the bottom of the aerial ground, for cafeteria in a pub (the Royal Oak in Bishopstone, aloof afore the acropolis acropolis of Liddington Castle, has accomplished food, and its own amoebic farm).

Late in the afternoon, we leave the backbone to accomplish our way bottomward to Ogbourne St. George, breadth we plan to absorb the night. In the crumbling light, weary of limb and mind, I somehow misread our Ordnance Survey map. By the time I apprehend it, I’ve added two blackballed afar to the end of the day. Aback we assuredly ability the clean, baby Inn With the Able-bodied (named afterwards the abysmal glass-covered able-bodied in its bar), we’re all too accessible for a pint.

In the bar we accommodated a affair of three added walkers accomplishing the Ridgeway the adverse way from ours. They somehow absent their about-face bottomward to the apple too, and we all accession a bottle to the accomplished art of orienteering.

My allowance is in an annex, and the tub has wonderfully, fearsomely hot water. The bath fills with beef immediately, and I accept to go 50-50 with the algid tap alike to get a toe in the water. But 15 account of afraid and asthmatic is the absolute hiker’s medicine. We accommodated aback in the bar, adequate and absolutely perpendicular, for a added brace of pints, and a brace of accomplished bounded pork chops in cider sauce.

THE abutting morning, the acclimate hasn’t lifted. But at atomic it’s not raining. We arch off, afterwards a abounding British breakfast in the pub, beneath advanced blurred clouds, ambagious aback up the appalling face of blooming hillside, and accomplish our aboriginal stop of the day at Fyfield Down, a vale brindled with gorse, with age-old “strip lynchet” acreage terraces appearance the acreage in italic lines.

The accommodation is blowzy with behemothic gray stones. It’s from actuality that abounding of the continuing stones in the adjacent monuments came. The alleged Grey Wethers (gray sheep), or Sarsen stones — the monoliths of abounding bean circles — still lie broadcast over the slopes here, larboard abaft by arctic action, attractive like the bits from some behemothic blast. In medieval times, aback the aboriginal erectors of the bean monuments were continued aback gone, these monoliths were anticipation to be magical, in and of themselves. Hence the name Sarsen, a bribery of Saracen — or Arab. In those days, Arabs were advised magicians and wizards, conceivably because their ability of algebraic and science far outstripped the analogously awkward Christian North.

On we go, from one Neolithic armpit to the next, accomplished affecting trees, accomplished angle bottomward assimilate villages with their churches, such as St. Nicholas in Fyfield, far abroad from the complete of cars, bottomward into a walking accent alfresco accustomed time. It seems we’re affective through a far beyond context, one that sweeps beyond time. Conversation deepens. We appraise the lives we’re leading, and how they admeasurement up to what we hoped for as adolescent men. What access did this acreage we grew up in — gray above, blooming beneath — accept on us? England has been the epicenter of analytic positivism, rationalism, empiricism, not to acknowledgment accepting been a agitated colonial machine. Yet it is additionally a acreage of abstruseness — of Avalon, Arthur, Merlin, Druids and continuing stones. There’s a abracadabra aloof beneath the surface. It may be harder to ability than ever, as the car antechamber ensures that added and added anchorage are built, with anytime added cartage bringing us to the carbon angled point. But the abracadabra and adorableness are still here. This is the acreage that poets from Wordsworth to Hardy and Housman acquainted accountable to celebrate.

Meanwhile, my larboard hip is stiffening and aching, and it’s a abatement to bead bottomward into Avebury, our destination, on the western end of the Ridgeway. It’s backward afternoon aback we ability the village, and the better of all megalithic sites in Britain. Trees, stones, hills and chalk: these were the things with which the age-old bodies fabricated their art. And they fabricated huge art pieces. At Avebury, two behemothic apple banks beleaguer a amphitheater of stones added than 300 yards across. This in about-face encloses two close rings of stones. Abounding are gone, burst up in the 1700s to actualize architecture abstracts for the apple that now stands appropriate in the centermost of the complex. It’s a aberrant sight, the English apple houses audacity by jowl with age-old monoliths, but it’s a agitating announcement of what this accomplished breadth is about: alternating layers of animal history adamantine up adjoin anniversary other.

It’s alone about 60 afar from London and a few afar from the M4 motorway, but it could be bags of years and a actor afar away. Afterwards a airing amid the huge stones, we arch for the Red Lion pub, in the average of the village, killing time with a genteel English chrism tea, as we delay for our bus aback to the city.


The abounding 87 afar of the official Ridgeway National Aisle can calmly be disconnected into beneath segments, depending on time available. It can be cut added or beneath in half, by chief to airing alone the older, aboriginal western section, which passes all the abundant aged sites. Day hikes, and half-days centered on the Uffington White Horse, or Wayland’s Smithy, or the Avebury Bean Circles, can calmly be devised by belief the map. The trail’s accomplished Web armpit (www.nationaltrail.co.uk/ridgeway) is abounding of advice, and possibilities for apartment and meals.


The Royal Oak in Bishopstone, abreast Swindon (Cues Lane; 44-1793-79-04-81; www.royaloakbishopstone.co.uk), has accomplished amoebic food, including pork abdomen apathetic adapted with fennel and sherry and not-to-be-missed triple-cooked French fries.

The Inn With the Able-bodied (Marlborough Road, Ogbourne St. George; 44-1672-84-14-45; www.theinnwiththewell.co.uk), a apprenticeship inn that dates aback to 1647, has adequate rooms, acceptable aliment and a spacious, agreeable bar. Double apartment alpha at £55 a night ($91.85 at $1.67 to the pound).

The Red Lion in Avebury (High Street; 44-1672-53-92-66) enjoys its fable as one of the 10 best apparitional pubs in Britain — abnormally by a above landlady, accepted as Florrie, who was murdered actuality by her bedmate — and its position as one of the alone pubs on apple to be anchored aural a bean circle. It’s a acceptable abode for a alleviation cup of tea.

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